Saturday, January 12, 2008

Applique Tip

I haven't made anything new this week, so I delved into the depths of my photo albums and came up with this beauty for you - it's even about quilting, and even better, about applique!

Needleturn is my applique method of choice, and I love my Roxanne's Glue Baste-It and their needles are all I use - no affiliation - they don't even know I exist!

Anyway...I like to place my applique pieces pretty freely...I don't use a plastic overlay, and am more concerned with freedom of placement than perfection. Having said that, there are still times when I want things to sit 'just so' and these pictures are an idea I came up with to aid in placement.

Basically, instead of putting your glue dots on your pieces of applique (in this case, a bias-cut stem) you use your glue like a pencil and 'draw' where you want your
applique to go. You can see that I used a simple template to help me do this, and the end result - nice even loops :)
I had taken these photos for my friend, Anna (c'mon Anna, update your blog already hehe!) as I couldn't explain the way I was doing it with just words, and it's true - a picture is worth a thousand words! I'm so glad I documented this, as now I can share it with you lovely people :)


Anonymous said...

I too use the Roxannes glue perfect for applique on the go.. I used the needles for a while and then when back to using betweens (12)..

The pic of you and your daughter is just to adorable.. luv it

Marie Rayner said...

That's way cool stuff. I wonder where I'd find that over here? Hmm..can you use ordinary tacky glue?

Joanna said...

Marie, if you can't find it in the UK I'm positive you could order it from here - most quilt places stock it. Just do a search online and you'll have a ton of places to choose from!

And I have been told that it IS just ordinary tacky glue! Don't quote me on it, it's just what I was told, but I have used regular tacky glue and it worked just the same. But I still buy the Roxanne's because I love having the syringe to dispense it from. That's what I'm paying for:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely work! You might convince me I need to take up quilting yet ...

Joanna said...

Alisha, that would be wonderful! What else can I show you to convert you....hmmmm...?!!