Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rows sewn together

Sofia got her rows all sewn together! It was a very hard experience for me. I just wanted to rip out all the wonky and too-big seams and make it all neat and straight, and have all the seams meeting up perfectly. But when I suggested it to her she teared up and said, "But Mum it's only the first quilt I've ever made - I don't know how to do it right yet"! So I decided that it's more important that she has a great experience making this quilt than learn correct piecing. That will come with time. Right now I want her to gain a love of quilting!

So we sewed those rows together, me guiding the fabric and her pushing the foot pedal. That was very interesting trying to get those two things in sync!

Next step tonight is to square it up (that will be an experience in itself!) and put some borders on. I actually can't believe it's as flat as it is! A lot of the end pieces will be mostly gone, but there will still be 100 squares in there, I promise....then tomorrow we will quilt it!


Unknown said...

Sofia, you did a great job! I am so proud of you!

Mommy, I know how you feel. Watching my 30+ year old making her first quilt was trying to say the least! I think she and Sofia are on the same level of quilt making! LOL!

Jeannette Bruce said...

It's a beautiful first quilt! She will just love looking back at the experience and thrill of making the first one with you. Don't worry about mistakes, they make it all the better for the total experience. Someday, when her quilts are perfect it will be you who cherishes the mistakes in this one.