Monday, February 14, 2011

New Roof

Because of needing to be at 3 school Valentine's Day parties and all the prep that goes into those, I didn't get a lot of sewing done today. I did however manage to embarrass all 3 of my children in their classes which in my eyes is a good thing :) I shower them with kisses in front of all their friends, and even though they protest and pretend it's not 'cool', I know that they secretly love it. And I know this because in moments of weakness they tell me so!

We spent most of Saturday making about 50 of these...I got the kids to rip off the paper from old broken crayons, then we put them in heart molds and melted them gently in the oven. I knew there would be a ton of candy handed out in class, so I thought I wouldn't contribute to any other mother's sugar-rush nightmare!

I did manage to work on the house block I talked about yesterday. In fact, I put a whole new roof on my house.
Only took me about half an hour - how many of you can say you put up a new roof in half an hour? Of course it helps that it was an applique house and not one of the real variety!


Rachel said...

We did the same thing (the crayons) for the same reason...because I'm the type of mother that sneaks a lot of the candy out of the halloween/christmas/valentine's bag before my preschooler can get it. I was just amazed at how much candy each parent sends their child to school with to give out. I don't even eat that much candy.

em's scrapbag said...

You are amazing! Love the crayon idea! Will have to remember that.