Friday, February 13, 2009

Time for hearts

It's Valentine's day! Or at least, it will be by the time you read this:) I have had an education in Valentines Day since I've lived in the States. For example, I went shopping this week to buy the requisite goodies for the kids to take to school for their classmates. I had presumed they just gave cards, but I had the niggling feeling to text hubby and ask him if I was supposed to buy candy to go with the cards too. He texted back one word.... "Yes", which I think really meant, "of course you you really think you would give a card without a piece of candy stuck to it??". The kids even bought home written instructions from the teachers on how to do the cards. EG Coleman, who is in Kindergarten, was to only write "From Coleman" and leave the "To" space blank. After teaching in the same class for 20 years, his teacher understands the madness of a class full of 5 year olds trying to read names and get them to the right person in an orderly fashion! The kids came home with big heart shaped bags full of cards and candy. It was sugar-rush central around here at dinnertime!

Anyway, to keep with the heart theme I have some little snippets of a quilt I've been working on to show you. I can't show all yet, as it's in the works of being made into a pattern, but it is quite lovely for the occassion today, and chock-full of hearts...and applique!
When I went down to my quilt room just now to take these photos, there was a light on - most unusual, since I hadn't been in there today. Turns out my daughter had snuck down and made good use of my piles of strips next to my machine... Do you think she's been influenced by all the wonky log cabin blocks I've been making?!I am still up-to-date with my goal. Have done quite a bit of quilt-related sewing, and also more mundane sewing like stitching up the armhole on hubby's sweater. He was going to throw it away but I rescued it. Does he not realize he's married to a sewer yet?!!

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's day and eat lots of chocolate, and if you feel like a laugh, head on over to my other blog to read about our experience roller skating on Thursday night!