Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Quilt

Things in the neighborhood have calmed down since my angry post yesterday! They made an arrest, someone from another part of the state, not from around here, which is a bit of a relief. I sure learned what a tight-knit neighborhood we live in. I love it here!

Now, back to quilting!
This time last year a box arrived at our house from my hubby's Mom. We opened it up and inside was a wonderful Halloween wall quilt. I was so impressed - my MIL is half blind, but still churns out quilts like no one I know, and most of them go to charity. Dozens and dozens per year.

I pulled it out tonight and hung it up. I decided it needed a great spot, but just couldn't find any free wall space. Then I thought, hmmm, why not just put it over an existing quilt? So I did! Before...

and after...
So it's a pretty cute quilt, right? A spooky tree with lots of Halloween themed appliques and buttons...but look closer - that's a power cord hanging out the bottom. This quilt is tech-savvy! With a flick of a switch look what happens...

and now closer...

and closer still...

Isn't that great?! There are 8 different settings for the lights - everything from a twinkle to a slow fade in and out. I love where it's hanging. This is one of my favorite spots in the house.

I love to curl up in the corner with the latest quilt magazine and get lost in its pages.

I can't wait until the kids wake up in the morning and see the quilt that I'm sure they've forgotten about in the last year!


Elzaan said...

That is awesome! You have a very special MIL to make something like that (while having bad eyesight!) I am sure the kids will love that.

Unknown said...

wow, what a simply gorgeous gift from your mil. The children will love it. How clever to put the lights in it. Enjoy your Halloween. We don't celebrate it in NZ.

Aggiequilter said...

What a WONDERFUL quilt, I've never seen a quilt with LIGHTS ! Just don't forget and wash it ... Hah! Have a Happy Halloween !

Elisa Black said...

That is a wonderful quilt your MIL made!! I love that it has the light effects as well!! How thoughtful! Lucky you! Glad they made an arrest and that you can breathe a little more peacefully now. It's nice to have a tight knit community that comes together and supports each other in difficult times.

BlueCat said...


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

What a fantastic Halloween sparkling lights tree quilt!!! Even more amazing when you said that your MIL has very bad eyesight. And I'm so glad for you and your community that they've arrested that horrible man. What a relief that must have been.

Marianne´s hantverk said...

It is so beautyful quilt and wonderful color and design.

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