Monday, September 14, 2009

And the winner is......

And the award for the most over-used phrase in my video goes to.... "WOO HOO!!!!"

Oh and don't you love the container I used to put the names in? Yes that would be an old milk bottle cut in half to hold my paint. Best use of a milk container ever...hey it comes with it's own handle. Doesn't get much better than that!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I haven't forgotten...

Don't worry folk, I haven't forgotten about the giveaway...I just need a few days as I am up to my elbows in paint and I can't stop until it's done! I am just itching to get the borders on the quilt but right now my house has top priority.

Thank you ALL for your kind words and comments!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Change of color and giveaway

Wow what a response to my little poll - thank you EVERYONE! It seems that the bright yellow is the preference with 68% of you favoring it. I am 99% sure that would be my choice...if circumstances hadn't changed over the weekend. I now have to choose a different color!

We have been wanting to paint the living room/hallway/kitchen all the same color. For about 6 years now I have wanted to use some kind of green paint in the houses we have lived in, but my hubby has always adamantly refused, saying that green reminds him of hospitals. I when I say adamantly, the dictionary definition fits... "utterly unyielding in attitude or opinion in spite of all appeals". Seriously, that is exactly how it was. But on his side, he did work in a mental health hospital many years ago, so I can see why he might have an aversion to it!

So I had pretty much decided on a light buttery shade of yellow, having given up on my green dream. Hence the choice of yellow for that little inner border. Then hubby tells me that he will buy the paint as long as I let him choose the color. Hmmmm tough decision. He never shows any interest in home decorating, so should I really trust this man?! I told him OK as long as I could hold veto power :) So off we go to Home Depot, and my jaw just about dropped when he chose a lovely light shade of green called Behr Celery Sprig. Really, I could have fainted on the spot. I said yes yes yes, got the paint and was out of there before he could change his mind!

The living room is currently chocolate brown, the kitchen orange, so this is going to be quite a departure, but one that I am excited about. With freshly painted white trim, new window coverings, new basebords, and new flooring in the kitchen/hallway, this is turning into quite the little renovation project for us!

SO having said all that, I now need your opinion again. It was quite fortuitous that some of you had mentioned trying a green, as that is exactly what I have done. Here are the *new* choices...

First, a polka dot that we will call 'A'

Next, a polka dot that we will call 'B'

And finally a monochromatic green that we will call 'C'

I know you all have already done your part in voting over the yellows, so I don't expect the same response over the greens. I just really wanted you to know that I appreciated your input and also the reason for changing my mind:)

Now, just to thank you all for your patience, I will do a giveaway! Woo Hoo! If you commented on the last post (the yellow one) or this one, you will be entered to win! I don't know what yet, probably some fabrics or quilt-related things. I'll have a rummage through my quilt room and pile up some goodies. Let's call it a surprise package!

Now I suppose I ought to start painting....