Friday, August 28, 2009

Poll time

Get ready to vote - look on the right, there is a poll!

I need your help choosing an inner border for my latest quilt. I was at Brenda's until midnight the other night, and we auditioned a whole bunch of fabrics. We settled on the dark brown for the outer border and narrowed it down to two for the narrower inner one. But do you think we could decide? Oh no, it just didn't happen. So now you get to give your 5 cents worth!

The lighter yellow has a calming effect on the quilt. It tones down all the brightness, and picks up a couple of the paler fabrics I used in the quilt. It doesn't have quite the 'zing' I usually go for, but it definitely works, and I like it. It gives the eyes a place to rest.

The bright yellow has the aforementioned 'zing', and the same fabric is used in the quilt. It is bright enough that it can shine all by itself and not be overtaken by the blocks. This was the first fabric I pulled to audition, and was my first instinct. I am in love with it. However, is it too bright? Do your eyes go to the bright yellow and nothing else?

So which do you prefer? Why? Help a girl out here! I think either will work, for different reasons, and I am very interested to see what you all have to say. And don't forget to vote over on the right!

Oh and by the way, did you notice the quilt top itself? Isn't it marvelous?!! I am SO in love with it - I can't tell you how excited I am to get it finished and up on the wall!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't faint - I'm quilting...and blogging!

I want to blog more, really I do! I just haven't done much quilting of late, so haven't had anything to show you, but that has changed. I have been working on a quilt top and happened to take photos as I went, so enjoy the show....

This is just 4 blocks on my design wall, but I now have made 32 more and they are all joined together just waiting for the perfect borders. Then you might get another sneak peek :)

And now, may I introduce you to our newly (3 months ago so not so new) adopted cat from the shelter, Mittens...and as you can see, he came pre-disposed to like quilt fabric...