Saturday, June 22, 2013

Z is for ZOOM

Today I received AWESOME mail! Quilty mail in fact, which is the best mail of all! On Thursday I heard about an amazing quilt fabric sale at - 60% off end of bolts, and only $2.99 flat rate shipping! I picked up a bunch of Anna Maria Horner fabrics, along with some Amy Butler, and Joel Dewberry among others.

Today, Saturday it arrived. ZOOM! That's just two days, from the moment they received my order, cut the fabrics, packaged it up, sent it, not to mention having to travel from Texas to New Hampshire. I am mightily impressed!

Plus, when I opened it up, it was wrapped up so prettily, which always makes my heart happy...

 Since I have a nice little collection of Anna Maria fabrics, I thought it was time they had their own place to live instead of in with all the rest. I happened to go to a huge yard sale today benefiting the Humane Society - 14,000 sq feet of second hand goodness! I picked up a beautiful blue glass bowl, which is happy having some pretty fabric sitting in it!

At the sale I also picked up this gorgeous little tin...

It reminds me of my mother and grandmother and makes me happy to look at it. I think I'll keep some sewing notions inside.

Also I bought a bread knife with a pretty handle, a large old wooden spool, and some jewelry.  It was a great day!

And with that, the A-Z challenge is complete! Back to my regularly scheduled blogging...which I was putting off because I felt guilty about not finishing the A-Z challenge. Ah yes good ol' guilt. Gets me every time!

X&Y are for BOY!

Just to get it out of the way, yep I know the A-Z Challenge finished almost 2 months ago yet here I am finishing up the alphabet...having said that, on with the show!

7 weeks ago my good friend had baby number 5, which conveniently for the A-Z challenge was a boy, so I get to combine X and Y in one post!

Here are a few photos I took of baby Caden just an hour old...

And here are some from 2 days ago when we went to a local lake. He was 7 weeks old!

He is just adorable. He's at that perfect age where they have learned to smile and can smile all day long!

I had known at their 20 week ultrasound that they were having a boy but they didn't! I knew for quilt-making purposes only! The ultrasound tech typed the words "Oh Boy" at the bottom of the picture revealing his boy bits, and handed it to me. I immediately knew his quilt needed to say, "Oh Boy" somewhere, so this is what I came up with...

I'm in the process of writing it up as a pattern, and I also have a girl version mostly made, which says, "My Girl". As a bonus, when you make the zig zags, you are left with dozens of cute little half square triangle units which you can then turn into a baby bag, which I'll also put in the pattern. One side blue, one side yellow! (The following photos were taken with my phone - sorry...they're typical phone quality pics!)

You can even fit your baby into the bag as you can see here...

Cuteness overload, I know!