Friday, November 9, 2012

Quilt Market Present

Today my friend Brenda from Pumpkin Patch Primitives visited me to drop off some Pampered Chef goodies I'd bought and in the bag was an extra treat...
Oh yes you know I got excited when I saw fabric! Maybe even more excited than I was to get my Pampered Chef bowls! Brenda went to Quilt Market in Houston a couple of weeks ago and brought me back this brand spankin' new panel of Sue Spargo's new fabric! Isn't it lovely?!
Brenda went to Sue Spargo's Quilters' Schoolhouse and Sue showed a quilt where they incorporated these panels into the blocks and then stitched over them with embroidery stitches - if you know anything about Sue Spargo then you'll understand just what I mean! Brenda said the quilt looked amazing - like the panels really were applique! The funniest part of Brenda's visit was when she told me how BRIGHT this panel is. Oh boy bright to her primitive-loving heart and my modern-loving heart are two different things! Everyone needs a friend like Brenda!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What To Do...

I have 14 of my mini quilts sitting here on the couch next to me, and I have no idea where to put them!
They were originally in the hallway, then in my quilt room, but that's been all changed around (will have to do a big post about that one of these days!) so now once again, they need to find a new place to live. I was thinking of using a kitchen wall but that might be overkill. Same with the living room. Maybe they can go back in the hallway. Sigh. I'm so indecisive!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Well, here I am - 3 days without posting. Aaargh I already failed in my goal! Oh well, it's about how many times you keep trying, right? Yeah yeah yeah I'll keep telling myself that ;P So the big news today here in the U.S. is the election, and in my little world, it was a big deal for me as it was my first time voting, as I became a citizen in February. I did my duty, and the world is still turning. This is a photo of me right after I voted...I was helping at our school's bake sale and thought one of the decorations would make a great patriotic hat...
In other news, I spent some time today framing some super cute stitcheries I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago. I saw these and fell in love - they were unframed, but I saw the potential in them!
Plus, the price was just right...
I bought 2 white 11x14 frames which were the perfect size. The only problem was the stitcheries were mounted to very thick cardboard - too thick for the frames, so I remounted them on thin cardboard which was perfect. When I took all the old tape off, I saw this printed on the edge...
How cool is that? These stitcheries are only one year younger than me! This isn't their final placement - I just had nails already in the wall so took advantage of that to take photos of them hanging. I have plans for my kitchen walls...stay tuned!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Applique At Last

Since the name of my blog is Applique Today, I thought it was about time I did some! A few years back I designed a quilt, made mostly of heart shapes and did the entire quilt in brown, pink, green and cream. I absolutely love it, but now there are so many gorgeous fabrics out there and I'm remaking it using some more modern fabrics. Here's a sneak peek, as seen while sitting on my bed. Applique, beds, and TV somehow just go together!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Books Galore!

Remember the other day when I wrote about how my hubby likes to surprise me with random gifts? Well today he did it again! A big box from Amazon arrived. He told me I should open it. Here is said box...
I ripped the tape off and looked inside. Through the bubble wrap I saw what looked suspiciously like a Kaffe Fassett book. Could it be?
Yes! So I picked it up and not only was there a Kaffe Fassett book, but there were THREE of his books including his new autobiography!
Even the hardcover under the dust jacket is gorgeous!
Boy oh boy I am going to need some Mommy alone time this week to get through all of this loveliness! Thanks did it again!