Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Woolly

Today was the day for our 4th annual celebration of my prim-loving friend Brenda's birthday! It's becoming something of a tradition! You can read about previous ones HERE, HERE, and HERE! My girl Sofia made the cupcakes and all three kids and I had fun piping the frosting on them to decorate. Can you say yummy? White cake with vanilla lime buttercream frosting! I did discover tonight that carrot cake is actually her very VERY favorite, so next year we might have to mix it up a little! She wasn't complaining about the lime this year though! It's fun each year to come up with something different to make for her present. Brenda is one of the few people I love to make presents for, because she really gets the time and effort put into them and really truly treasures them. Since she's the one that introduced me to wool applique a couple of years ago, I thought I'd go in that direction for this year's present, a little pillow/pincushion. I had to take some pics outside with it - it was gorgeous outside today! I had SO much fun making it, and truth be told, it's sadly one of the only pieces of applique I've made this year. It has given me the bug again though, so once again here I am vowing to quilt and blog more!! Happy birthday Brenda!