Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas ornament tutorial

I promised back in November that I would do a tutorial for the Christmas ornaments I made but then my camera went on the blink and I had to send it away to get fixed - for some reason the memory card refused to upload photos when I put it in my hubby's camera, but now that I have my own camera back, I have been able to upload the tutorial photos!

I know it's a little close to Christmas now, but maybe someone would still like to make some!

1) The first thing you do is to cut 5 squares of fabric all the same size. I think mine were around 4 inches square, but any size is fine. (You can even make them really big, say 12 inches square, and turn the ornaments into hotpads!) Also cut a piece of batting the same size, and a piece of ribbon or cord for the hanger. Iron 4 of the squares in half. You can iron them into triangles or rectangles - whichever you like. I made half of my ornaments with triangles, and half with rectangles.

2) Place the one remaining square of fabric on top of the square of batting, right side up, and sew the ribbon/cord onto a corner. It's best to use tiny stitches for this, especially if you use cord. Ask me how I know :)

3) Now comes the hardest part but it's not really hard at all! You are going to place the 4 folded squares on top of the background/batting piece. Make sure the folded edge faces the middle. You do this one at a time, and overlap them. It's very hard to explain, but each one needs to be "under" another. If you don't have this done right, you will know when you turn it through and will have to unpick and redo it.

This is with the first 2 pieces placed on top...

The third piece....

And the fourth - you will need to lift up the corner of the first one you laid down and tuck the fourth one under it. If it just doesn't look or feel right, keep trying until you see four half triangles (or squares if you used rectangles). Once you get it, it will be easy!

4) Sew around the whole thing, making sure you keep that ribbon/cord tucked away safe from the stitches!

5) Trim around the corners - there's a lot of bulk in there and you want it to turn easily and look nice!

5) Turn it out using the middle of where the 4 pieces intersect.

6) There you have it - aren't you clever??!!

Here is what it looks like if you ironed your squares into rectangles instead of triangles...

I suggest enlisting the help of any children you have milling 7 year old daughter loved ironing the squares in half, and choosing which fabrics would go together.
Have fun!


Nancy said...

Thank you for remembering the tutorial. Now where can I put this so I will remember next year?LOL

JustCindy said...

How cute! I want to make some of these,,,after the first of the year.

MikKnits said...

Too cute! I never would have thought of making these as ornaments. These are how I make coasters! LOL! They made for very fast and easy gifts. Nice tutorial. Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Great idea...maybe I should get started for next christmas:)

Loló said...

Gracias por compartir éste tutorial con todos.I like very very much your ideas.
I put your link in my blog.
Congratulations from Spain.

Sue said...

If you put a bottom fabric face down then all of what you said, with the batting then fabric on top face up, then all the triangles, when you turn it after sewing it becomes a nice little coaster for wine glasses. Just open up that hole and stick the bottom of you wine glass in it. Skip the hanging thread for the ornament.

anonymous said...

You're missing a photo and I can't see what it's supposed to look like.

Joanna said...

Hi Leigh Ann
I'm sorry it's like that. It's been many years since I did that tutorial and I've noticed that in the early years of my blog a lot of photos have randomly disappeared. I think it happens when the online photo hosting sites change something up. Photos seem to disappear into the big black hole known as the internet!
After 6 years I don't have that photo anymore, but I bet you could search online and find another tutorial for the same ornament as it's a fairly common technique. Good luck!

Unknown said...

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