Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Birthday Quilt

I was going through photos today and realised I completely forgot to blog about the fabulous birthday quilt we have! My hubby's mother is a quilter too, and last year she made us this birthday quilt. She also sent us a gift card with instructions to use it for each birthday and to buy things the whole family can share eg treats, games, DVD's etc, then to put them in the quilt pockets, and take a photo for her! So we have been doing just that. We have 2 November birthdays so this was taken on our little boy's birthday on Nov 30th. The Birthday Quilt is fast becoming a family tradition!

Don't I have the best Mother-in-law ever?!


Yvonne said...

Cute kiddos--and what a wonderful quilt! Yup, you have a good mother-inlaw and a wise one too, racking up Good Mother-inlaw Points with that quilt to you. (I just made three Christmas stockings for my DIL to give to her brother and his family! HA! I know how to get Points too! LOL)

Anonymous said...

You sure do! What a great idea! Your kids are so cute!