Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow and the letter M

Yippee I got my camera back! 2 words - 'extended warranty' - worth every penny, especially when they gave it to me for free when I bought my camera!

We have had a lot of snow the last couple of days with more to come tonight and tomorrow. So what does one do when there's too much snow to make going anywhere fun? Stay home and quilt of course!
I made another initial framed quilt, this time the initial is 'M' and I used bright colors instead of soft. The Kaffe print was just begging to be a background and I quilted the heck out of those circles! The recipient's favorite color is blue, and doing the letter in blue was a perfect match for the background.

We are Christmas Sponsors for a high school girl in the local children's home. I met her when I was in bus driving training - she was one of the students on the bus and she was just wonderful with my little kids - playing with them, singing with them, drawing for them etc. So I asked the home if we could do something for her, and they suggested being her Christmas Sponsors. The 'M' is for her, so here's hoping she likes it! They gave us her wish list and I was shocked - there was nothing extravagent on it like a typical teenager would want. She wanted hair ties and stickers. Talk about humbling! I have had so much fun finding things for her, and we were able to involve our kids and get them excited about it too. If any of you are looking for a charitable thing to do this season, I highly recommend looking at your local Chilren's Home/orphange.

Onto the snow - yesterday morning I opened our door and we were completely snowed in. My hubby was in Rhode Island with his work so the task of shovelling was up to me. I had half an hour to get everyone fed, dressed, and out the door to take my daughter to school. No they didn't have a snow day or even a delay. Crazy! Anyway, I start shovelling and it became clear I was never going to get clear in time for school. So I asked my neighbor if she could take my daughter to school with her kids - their driveway was clear! So I go inside and get everyone ready and hear this loud noise outside. I look out and my neighbor's hubby is in our driveway with his snowblower clearing it out. He was late for work but still took the time to do that for me. I went out to thank him and started to cry! What a goober I am! He is just the nicest neighbor:) Then I went inside, went online and found a local store with snowblowers in stock, and went and got one then and there! So we are now the owners of a snowblower. If you have stuck with the story this long, 10 points for you!! And 10 points to our mailman who still delivered our mail with the mailbox looking like this....And some more pics for my family and friends in NZ where it is Summer...


Mike said...

Love the new house although I thought it was a little bigger the way you described it - where do you park the car?

Marie Rayner said...

Beautiful little letter quilt. I'm sure the girl will absolutely love it! Love the colours too, so bright and cheery! Wow, lots of snow. Made me cold just to look at it! We only ever get a light dusting over here. Well, that's been my experience thus far at least. Now that I've said that we will probably get royally dumped on! Yipee!

Joanna said...

Thanks Marie! And as for Mike (my brother) I know that I described the house as being bigger than the shed out back you are referring to - try looking at the other photos LOL!!

JustCindy said...

Love the quilted inital! Is this your idea or is there instructions somewhere? My grandson needs one.

Anonymous said...

Joanna, showing Eliza-Jane your snow, and she looks at your photo and says, "Wow, she's pretty!" And you do look lovely in that photo. The letter 'M' is so perfect! Enjoy that snow. My kids are begging for some.

Anonymous said...

oh, the Kaffe Fassett fabric is the perfect choice for the background. Did you stamp that letter M on the fabric first to get your pattern?
My girls would take over that shed in a minute for their own little house.