Thursday, May 2, 2013

W is for WALLET

Yeah yeah yeah so April is over and I still have W, X, Y, and Z to blog about. Aaargh! I'm still going to do it though!

Onto W...

So at church, when it's your birthday, us ladies get to pick a present out of a basket. Everything in it is handmade and quite lovely. Last Sunday I got to (belatedly) pick out my gift. I had a hard time choosing as there were these really neat crocheted shopping bags and gorgeous crocheted dishcloths. So gorgeous that I wouldn't be able to bring myself to use them! Then I saw the orange and green wallet which you will see below at the top of the pictures.

 I have been wanting to make myself a new wallet for ages, and when I saw this I thought it would be a great starting place to make a pattern from!

I first made the blue/pink one on the bottom...

I just made a couple of small changes. I really liked the card slots so left them, but I needed a change pocket so I added that. I also hand sewed the binding down instead of machine sewing and cut it on the bias as it makes it easier to curve. I used two Anna Maria Horner prints.

I liked it so much, I made another, once again, making changes. I changed the way I did the pocket, just slightly, and I left the corners square on the main body. I used velcro instead of snaps like I did for the one above, mainly because I ran out of snaps! However, I think the velcro is much more user friendly! I used Flea Market Fancy fabrics for this one.

I love them both!

As a special treat for you, I photographed the process of making the second one and will have a free tutorial up for you once I finish with X, Y, and Z!

Thank you anonymous person for making a wallet for the birthday basket. You inspired me!