Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vermont Quilt Festival

I know I am way behind the game with this post, but I have to catch up somehow, right?! Way back last month was the Vermont Quilt Festival and my buddy Brenda invited me to go along with her. I had been sick as a dog the day leading up to it, and the day of, I convinced myself that I wasn't really that sick and I would be just fine. Oh boy was I wrong. You know that kind of sickness when you are hot and cold, and you skin is sensitive to the touch, and nice and clammy, and your head is just spinning and you everything is going in slow motion? Yes, that was me. And the next day I completely lost my voice to the point that when I called people I knew, they had no idea who I was or what I was saying!

However, the Quilt Festival was marvellous, with great vendors and quilts to see. I managed to spend a few dollars - much restraint was used. I could have easily spent hundreds, but I think my grand total was less than $40. Shocking I know.

Here are my goodies... I bought some fabric, wool, ric rac, a huge button, applique needles, and my ever-faithful Roxanne's Glue Baste-It which is as rare as hen's teeth around here, so when I see it I grab it!

A highlight of the day was a chance meeting with UpStateLisa. She walked by while I was sitting down resting my achy body and I had a feeling I recognized her, so what does one do but run up to a stranger and ask them if they are who you think they are?! Luckily I was spot on with my guess, and she was ever so lovely and excited! We had a great chat and I even managed not to faint with my head spinning in a sickness-induced haze:) We will meet again, Lisa, I'm sure, and I will be much more charming, I promise!

And a huge thank you to Brenda for dragging me along and driving there and back and buying me dinner. You are the best ;) BTW Brenda just got new flooring put in over at the Pumpkin Patch and it is awesome! I'm sure she'll blog about it soon...hint hint...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Of Quilts and Fans

I have had a nice break from the internet for the past few weeks. My hubby's family came to stay and we were busy galavanting around NH and MA and as a result, the internet took a back seat.

Now I am getting back to regular life so here I am:)

I am ashamed to say that my goal to sew every day for a year has failed miserably! I was doing so well - sometimes taking that stitch at 11.59 just to get it in for the day, but I don't think I've taken a single stitch for about 3 weeks now. But I will get back on the horse and start this experiment all over again.

I did get a quilt completed in the last month. It was my 'Project Improv' quilt, and it is now living happily on the kitchen wall. If you haven't heard me say it before, yes my kitchen is orange, and yes it is on purpose!

Do you see that ceiling fan in the above picture? That is brand spanking new, installed by my lovely sister in law, Rachel, with a little help holding it from me. It replaces our *gorgeous* circa 1972 wood and brass chandelier. Don't know why I wanted to get rid of it - I mean, look at it here in all it's glory... I also had a go at home improvement, installing a new light fixture to the right of the fan...There is also another ceiling fan with lights that we installed in the living room. We have one of those homes with no overhead lights in the living room or bedrooms, and our living room has been more than dark, which as a quilter is not a good thing! But thanks to my SIL we now have light! I won't bore you with yet another ceiling fan photo. OK I will ;)
I do have more quilty things to post about, so I WILL be back! And I promise, no more ceiling fans ;)