Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Angry

* arrest has been made! Woo hoo!*

Yes you read that right - this normally happy-go-lucky Mom in the suburbs is angry, and it's all because of THIS.

Want to know how close this happened to my home? Here, have a look at this photo taken just now from my back deck...
Look right in the middle of the picture - yes that is police tape. A little too close to home, both figuratively and literally. I am angry that this wonderfully safe neighborhood we chose to live in, which multiple police officers also choose to live in because of its record of safety, has had it's innocence compromised.

Now look at this photo, taken from my kitchen window...
I took this photo from the one window that I still hadn't made new curtains for. You better believe as soon as I heard the news, I went straight to my quilt room and finished those curtains.

Isn't it interesting that we went for 2 years without window coverings and then last week out of the blue I had the feeling that it was time to make curtains. I am glad for the little promptings I receive, that seem meaningless at the time but are actually important. When you get those little ideas in your head, take notice!


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

It's always scary when safe neighborhoods are hit with violent crimes. One of the bigger blocks of houses in my town was locked down last week due to a gunman on the loose. One of those disgruntled workers who chose to shoot the place up. Sadly it took all night and til the next morning before he was found (he shot himself). Here's hoping that you regain you sense of safety soon - oh, and that they catch the s.o.b. who attacked that poor girl.

Unknown said...

It's probably a good thing you never got around to trimming down those vines between you, the fence, and the park.

Elzaan said...

That is just terrible!
I am VERY hapy that they caught the guy responsible.
Hope your neigbourhood feels safe again soon, and hope some people learn from this.