Monday, October 10, 2011

Green, Red, and Orange

When you read the post title, green, red, and orange, did you think ugh - what a horrible color combination? Me too - and I've been living with it in my kitchen for 2 years now!

2 years ago my kitchen was orange (on purpose!)...

...and I had made some cute orange polka dot curtains which you can see in the photo above. Then I painted the kitchen celery green and it has red decorating accents. The orange curtains looked great in the orange kitchen, but in the celery green kitchen? Hmmmm not so much! So down they came, all except for the one over the door to the garage. Who wants to look at the garage?!!

I keep meaning to make new ones to match, but it's just been one of those things I never got around to doing. Until today! I have 2 sets done with one more to go.

It is SO much better already! With winter coming I really wanted to get these done. New Hampshire gets rather cold in the winter and anything you can do to keep the heat in really does help!

And just to finish off, when I took the fabric to my quilt studio to sew, look who beat me to the fabric before I could even unfold it...


Elzaan said...

At least your "quilting inspector" approves of your fabric and project :)
Lovely curtains, and well done. You are a busy bee!

Brenda said...

Bad Mittens, Bad! Cute curtains though. I think I shall call you Martha from now on. =)

Rosa said...

Love your courtains.

Quilt Station said...

I think your kitchen was a particulay nice shade of Cheddar, I have to bring everything back to a fabric colour LOL.
It looks great now too, very calm and restful. Just right for whippin' up a Pav. I thought you'd be sick of making curtains after the hairdresser's salon ;-) Love those French copper jelly moulds on your wall, I have a few but not that many.
hehe, I just read Brenda's comment, Yes look out Martha, you have some competition.
Enjoy your gorgeous new heart of the home :-)