Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Love Color!

If you can't tell from the colors on my blog I am one of color's biggest fans! My living room is the tamest room in my house - it is a nice shade of milk chocolate brown.
Our bedroom is purple - and no, not a soft pretty shade of purple, but a deep yet bright...purple!

And our kitchen and hallway....well that is my current non-quilting project. I decided on my hubby's favorite - orange! I have done most of the cutting in, and as always happens, the color is a lot brighter once it's on the walls. So I suppose it's lucky that I love orange so much! Now I have to decide what to do with the lovely 70's fake brick on the back splash and the gorgeous cabinets circa 1973. And all of this must be done on a shoestring budget as we don't have a spare 40K to drop on a new kitchen like they do on all those shows on TV. But that's the fun of it all, right?! For some quilters color is a mystery - some are even scared of it. I know it can be hard to step out of the box of what we know and are used to doing. But I promise you, when you take that step out of that box and try something different, there are big returns! I think the biggest obstacle is wondering what others will think of our choices. Once you fall in love with color and realize that the only person who should love what you do is YOU then it all falls into place and you can experience color-freedom and the peace that comes from pleasing yourself first!

OK Pep-talk over! I must go finish the paint - hopefully I will have finished product photos next post!

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