Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

Here is one of my latest projects...Christmas ornaments! The look like 4 patches in the photos but they are actually folded pieces of fabric and and really fun to make. I made 40 of them. Yes that's right - 40! They actually aren't for me. The ladies at church are having a progressive dinner in a couple of weeks and the ornaments are to be the favors.

My almost 7 year old (4 days to go!) helped me a lot - I got her to iron the pieces, pick the combinations, and place the pieces ready for me to sew. She loved it and we had a ton of fun.
So that was yesterday and today I made a quilt top. It is for a dear friend who just had a baby girl. I will take pics for tomorrow, but basically it is all pinks and browns using 9 patches I got in an online swap about 3 years ago. It's very busy but so pretty!
Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

What pattern did you use? I'm thinking those would make awesome gifts.

Joanna said...

Tamera, I didn't use a pattern, it's something my MIL taught me how to make a few years ago but they're very easy. I had taken photos as I made them - I was going to post a tutorial about them on here but my hubby had switched memory cards in our cameras and my card won't upload for some reason. Soooo I will do it again with the good card and get it up here asap!

I agree, they would be great gifts - you get to use up your scraps and they look fabulous!

If you want to get a head start, you could cut out your pieces - you need five 3.5 inch squares for each one. One will be the back, the rest will be the front. Mix and match them like I did! You also need one 3.5 inch square batting. And some ribbon or cord for the hanger. Come back soon for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait, Joanna.

I think I'll get cracking on cutting those squares, though.

Wendy said...

those look nice and simple for a beginner sewer like me:) Glad to hear that you are planning on posting a tutorial!!

JustCindy said...

The Christmas ornaments are very cute. Where did you find the pattern?