Monday, February 11, 2008

Great thread day

Firstly, I don't have a pic of Sofia's quilt to show today as all the projects are being kept at school for a week. So more to come on that come the end of the week.
Also, your comments were so great - Sofia LOVED reading them!

Onto business....I went on a little bidding spree on Ebay last week and bought 2 sewing tins filled with threads and nic nacs. The first tin cost me $5.99 and second was $4.99. I was the only bidder and think I got a bargain! This is the first pretty tin and the contents - lots of ric rac and bias bindings... When you bid on Ebay you hope that what you bought will meet expectations and not be a dud. My purchases exceeded my expectations! And especially my hubby's - he thought I had bought just the tins with nothing in them. Silly man :) Not only did the second tin have a ton of cotton thread in it, but it also had some spools of silk thread
Both cotton and silk are perfect for needleturn applique, so I was super excited about that! And so many beautiful colors too. My kids have had the best time this weekend stacking them, making towers, and rolling them around. I let them play with the cotton threads but my precious silk ones were out of bounds!

Another bonus for me is that the threads are all on the old wooden spools. Reminds me so much of my childhood. I remember my Mum would put nails into the big wooden spools and I would do knitting - I think we called it French Knitting? Where you wrap the yarn around the nails and flip it over and a tail comes out of the bottom. I'm sure someone can explain this better than I? So I am excited to do this with my kids, now that I have my hands on some wooden spools!

We are all home sick today. It's been a horrible weekend with everyone coughing and sneezing and not a lot of sleep going on. I was up every 15 mins with my youngest on Friday night. It reminded me of why I don't want to have another baby!!

Hopefully I can get lots of quilting done this week. Grand plans and all. I'd love to have some good eye-candy for you all finally!


Marie Rayner said...

OHh what a treasure trove you found! Wooden spools too! Wonderful!

Nanette Merrill said...

Wow you were extremely blessed with that find! I tried to email you but couldn't find your email. Thank you for the fabulous comments on my blog. I'm a bit intimidated with the title of your blog since I consider myself still an intermediate beginner in appliqué. Your comments on my blog were lovely and helpful. I'm going to try that needle you recommend by the way. And its such a small world. How exciting that we are nearly neighbors even though you live in NH! And you know Wren. Seriously she has quilted more than 150 quilts for me. She's great. I just wish she wasn't so backlogged. I have 2 sitting here to take to her and that means I won't get them until springish. Oh well. Your blog is great. I'm subscribing! And its nice to "meet" you.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh.... you were soooooo lucky!! I think you made out too... so funny that I could "smell" those.. my gram had tins full of buttons, thread, and other sewing goodies!!! That brang back memories!!!

Sweet P said...

Hi Joanna,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering to give me some applique tips in person. Please email me so we can talk about getting together.