Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm in Utah!

And am the worst blogger ever! I have just been so busy visiting old friends and family, and have hardly sat at the computer. But tonight is the night! We had a great flight from NH - my kids were amazingly good. Completely shocking! I even managed to do some applique on the plane.The very next morning we headed out for the day to see "Grandma" (my MIL) but first stopped by "East High" where they are filming High School Musical 3 - if you have a daughter in elementary school like I do, you will understand the excitement! Then we headed down to American Fork where Grandma got to see her grandbabies for the first time in 2 years. The kids were so excited! Then we went to the Utah Valley quilt guild, where I met two blogging friends. First was Nanette who did the most wonderful trunk show - I don't think she ever sleeps because the output of that woman is amazing! Such beautiful quilts, and she had goodies for us all. Plus I think Nanette was born to talk in public - she says she was nervous but you never would have guessed!

And then at the end of the main meeting, I was tapped on the shoulder and a lady said, "Hi, I'm Karen - I know you from your blog!" Can you imagine meeting TWO blogging friends in one day?!!! Hi to both of you!

Sunday we got to go to church in the old ward we were in before we moved and though there were a lot of new faces there were my good old faithful friends too! It was just so wonderful to see my best friends from Salt Lake, Irene and Nanette, (a different Nanette from the quilting Nanette - yes I obviously collect friends called Nanette) and I can't wait to spend more time with them.

This Wednesday we are going camping with my SIL and some friends. We are off to Casper, Wyoming, and will get to see Mount Rushmore (or as I say, "the place with the presidents in the rock" - because I'm not American and though I could tell you the names of everything in NZ, I am quite hopeless at American place names. I even had to just ask my SIL the name of "the place with the presidents in the rock" to write it here for you, because I had no idea. I actually was going to write Mount Rainier. Go figure.)

We will be gone for a week, and I doubt that there is a lot of internet access in a tent in a campground in Custer State Park, so I will get blogging again when we get back!

I apologize in advance if I don't reply to anyone for the next week or so - I hope you understand! But I just had to check in tonight. And I need some sympathy as I am giving up the Wasatch Front Shop Hop to go camping. Boo hoo for me. Just remind me of priceless memories for my children or something like that, OK??!!

And PS - hubby sent me pictures of my Lasagne garden which is still thriving - and most exciting of all, my tomato plants have little green tomatoes!


Purple and Paisley said...

hi, joanna! so glad you're having a good time! nanette wrote and told me you are a sweetie! =) keep on having fun and i'm thrilled grandma is seeing her grandbabies!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY! You got to see East High. I certainly understand the excitement! And then you get to do all sorts of other fun things too! The kids will have wonderful memories, I'm sure! Have fun!!

jacquie said...

You got to see Nannette's trunk show...wow...what a treat. Have a fab time camping!

Nanette Merrill said...

What a cute picture of you sewing on the plane? Did they let you take scissors? I always wonder about that. It looks like you are having a great time! I'm so happy for you. Our quilt group meets tonight, FYI, in case you and Carmen are interested.

Have fun!!!!

Brenda said...

I've missed your blogging! Have fun but come back soon. We'll do lunch, now that we have figured out we are neighbors! Can't wait! B=)

Lisa said...

have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candace said...

I wish I was there too, I have been to Utah once, and enjoyed it so much, and I went a few years ago to see the Presidents with my brother and mother, and it was a wonderful trip, too. I'm sure that you and your children are making lots of great memories, and I'm glad that your lasagna garden is doing well.

Karen said...

Hey Joanna, It was so good to meet you at Quilt Guild. Sorry we couldn't spend more time talking. Maybe we can hit the Corn Wagon together when you get back from camping. Have a fun time.

Marie Rayner said...

Sounds like you are having a fabulous time! Good on you!

Teresa said...

Have a wonderful trip and its just great that you are getting to have fun with friends and family. I know your kids are having a great time too. Congrats on your tomatoes!

Kim Walus said...

I've been meaning to leave a comment for some time now. I'm one of Nannette's blogging friends and I live in Highland. I've been part of the Alpine group for nearly 10 years now. It's a lot of fun.

If you want to see pictures of the shop hop I took lots and you can go here to see all the pictures, bittybitsandpieces.blogspot.com

Also, I have an affinity for New Zealand as my father served a mission there and my mother is from there. All her family are still over there. They live on the north island. I got to live there for a year when I was a junior in H.S. I was the only Mormon in the Wanganui Catholic Girl's school. That was a great experience.

Anyway, have a great time with friends and family while you're here. Sorry you missed shop hop.

I have enjoyed your blog and love your work.