Friday, July 24, 2009

Of Quilts and Fans

I have had a nice break from the internet for the past few weeks. My hubby's family came to stay and we were busy galavanting around NH and MA and as a result, the internet took a back seat.

Now I am getting back to regular life so here I am:)

I am ashamed to say that my goal to sew every day for a year has failed miserably! I was doing so well - sometimes taking that stitch at 11.59 just to get it in for the day, but I don't think I've taken a single stitch for about 3 weeks now. But I will get back on the horse and start this experiment all over again.

I did get a quilt completed in the last month. It was my 'Project Improv' quilt, and it is now living happily on the kitchen wall. If you haven't heard me say it before, yes my kitchen is orange, and yes it is on purpose!

Do you see that ceiling fan in the above picture? That is brand spanking new, installed by my lovely sister in law, Rachel, with a little help holding it from me. It replaces our *gorgeous* circa 1972 wood and brass chandelier. Don't know why I wanted to get rid of it - I mean, look at it here in all it's glory... I also had a go at home improvement, installing a new light fixture to the right of the fan...There is also another ceiling fan with lights that we installed in the living room. We have one of those homes with no overhead lights in the living room or bedrooms, and our living room has been more than dark, which as a quilter is not a good thing! But thanks to my SIL we now have light! I won't bore you with yet another ceiling fan photo. OK I will ;)
I do have more quilty things to post about, so I WILL be back! And I promise, no more ceiling fans ;)


Lisa said...

I just got some of that Kaffe Fasset with the polka dots and flowers! I love it. I got a few different colorways. I was planning to fussy cut the flowers out, but it looks cute as a border, too.

And could you come over to my house? My parents bought us a chandelier the first Christmas we moved into our house. Three years later it is still in the box in the basement and we have now broken the globes on the crappy old one because it is centered to the room, not to the table. So it is just hanging out right above the natural walkway where everyone over 5'5" hits their head on it. LOL! I also have a light like the one that you installed so there will be 2 lights instead of one. Someday. Maybe I should "accidentally" hang from it and pull it out of the ceiling. MAYBE then my husband would fix it... or maybe I would have to get all handywoman like you! LOL!

Anyway, all your new lights look awesome!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Welcome back, you were missed! I LOVE your orange improv quilt...just gorgeous and it looks fabulous on your orange wall. Congrats on getting some home decs done too, the fan looks great. Always a good feeling to get some of the things around the house fixed up. xo

Mel said...

Love the quilt and the quilting!

I love ceiling fans!! We have one in every room of our house, except the kitchen and bathrooms.

jacquie said...

lovely, just lovely!! the border makes it soo cool! glad you had a break..sometimes that's just the ticket we need.

Nanette Merrill said...

Missed you! I was thinking about you the other day and hoped i had not missed posts with my google reader from you. Everyone must take breaks now and then!

imquilternity said...

Love, love, love your quilt! It's gorgeous and looks lovely on your wonderful orange kitchen wall! I love orange's one of my favorite colors at the moment, along with chartreuse!

Nithya said...

Lovely works and you really have a cute blog. I liked the ceiling fans too :) Keep it going.

First time here and thoroughly impressed. will be following you from now on.

Do take a peep into my blogs too.