Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pumpkin time for Brenda

My friend, Brenda of Pumpkin Patch Primitives fame had her birthday this week and so of course I had to make something for her. With applique of course! Brenda and I have very different tastes in fabric and quilts, so making something for her is quite a challenge for me! Whereas I like everything bright and modern, she lives things to be more subdued and Prim. But I think I managed to do it, even with some modern Denise Schmidt Hope Valley fabric in the mix. I'll force modern fabric on Brenda any way I can! I even lined the inside with the orange Hope Valley. Brenda's favorite color is orange, and she loves all things Fall/October/Halloween, and her favorite textile ever is wool, so I knew she'd love the orange wool. And she does, because she has the same piece - we both bought it together at a quilt show!

So she came over, and since my kids are the worst secret keepers ever, she had to open her present BEFORE we had cake.

Then came cake and ice-cream time. Brenda had been complaining all week about the lack of cake for her birthday, so we had to take care of that! Spice cake with cream cheese/lemon/coconut frosting.

The cake was purely there as a vessel for the frosting ;) And can you see how old she is?!
You can click here for last year's celebrations. I think we have now created a tradition. I better start planning next year's party!


Karen said...

The pumpkin looks very prim style to me.

cindyolson said...

The pumpkin was adorable. I've never seen a pumpkin I didn't like. It looked great!

Teresa said...

What a good friend you are. The cake looks yummy, the little bag looks perfect, and Brenda - well she looks very happy !

American Quilter's Society said...

It's great the Brenda liked it! It's quite divine!

Nanette Merrill said...

That is cute. Love the pumpkin and the pics.

Unknown said...

Olá Joanna!!!Como sempre tudo muito lindo por aqui!!!!!!Parabéns,
venha conhecer o meu cantinho,vou adorar a sua visita.

Jess said...

thats awesome! I love home made gifts!! thats was really cute!!