Monday, September 10, 2007

Teal Teal Teal! (and a little bit of DMV excitement too!)

Believe it or not, it is possible to be excited while in the DMV....

First off may I start by saying that today I sat 4 written driver's licences - yes that's right, 4! (There are a lot when you become a bus driver!) And I am so relieved to say that I passed them all! Tomorrow the fun starts as I get to put all the theory into practice on the real thing. Keep off the roads for the next couple of weeks if you're going to be in NH!!

Onto the topic at hand - the wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, exciting color of teal! I never used to like teal. Didn't think much about it all actually. Then my quilting friend Anna introduced me new ways of using it and right now I'd say it's in my top 3 favorites along with pink and orange!
Last week I drove by this house for sale and since I was the only one on the road I stopped and took a photo - if we hadn't have just bought a house, I'd be mighty tempted by this one, just for the color alone!
I want to show you one of my very favorite color combinations of all time - teal with purple. The first photo on my post today is a portion of a block I am testing for Anna - sorry I can't show you the whole thing, but you will get the gist of it anyway. I just love the play between the colors. Lots of needleturn applique on this quilt!
Then today I'm standing in line at the grocery 3 kids are tugging at me asking for candy and gum and chips and drinks....the usual....and I see something on the magazine stand that makes my eyes zoom in - you know, like on TV - and I forget the kids and the hustle and bustle of the supermarket, for I have seen....
...teal and Purple! Almost makes we want to go and buy this issue of Glamour magazine, just so I can have the cover for inspiration!

I am now thinking I need to make a teal quilt to go on our bed in our purple bedroom. Then I can have my fav color combo around me all night long!

So it makes me wonder - what are your favorite color combinations? Anything that makes you go aaaahhhh or oooooooo or just feel all tingly inside? I'd love to know what they are - as quilters we are always on the lookout for new combos and ideas :)

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Anonymous said...

It's just awesome how you are getting inspiration from the things that you see around you.

I have been reading and hearing a lot about this and it's something that I'm going to make myself start doing!

Congrats on passing all the DMV tests!