Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best mail day EVER!

Yes you read right, today I had the best mail day EVER! A little while back, Tami from Lemon Tree Tales had a giveaway - I left a comment, and I won! I was so excited...she said the prize was for her to fill up a box with 'stuff' and sent it to the winner. Well I gotta say, if you ever want to win a giveaway, you must enter one of hers!

So my box arrived and of course I just wanted to rip it open, but I also wanted photos taken of the said moment - and I figured that though my 4 year old boy would love to take photos, it was not going to happen lol! So I waited for my 7 year old girl to get home and she did the honors. It was the longest half hour of my life!Inside were all sorts of fantastic things, from fabric (yardages, people, not little cut-offs!) to books, antique trims, pincushions, the list goes on and on! I of course took plenty of photos of the contents, so enjoy, and have a look at her blog - I sure am glad I did!

And this final photo is my 4 year old boy with the "cowboy" fabric he took an immediate liking to. I don't think I'll be getting this piece back!


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Goodie! I'm so happy that you liked all the stuff. I wasn't sure what things would be good so I just raided my craft closet with a little of this and a little of that. Wow, great pictures too. Your daughter is a talented photographer. :-)

Anonymous said...

Joanna, you LUCKY DUCK KIWI girl!!
Wow, she put in some good stuff. I wrote you Sunday, on my boring birthday, especially as I had to tell my 30's 'Ta-Ta'. Another decade to deal with now, and then the blasted thing messed up on me! Pooh! But, yes, I am going to update my BLOG, real soon, so thanks for the little comment! I got it, yes I did. Love ya,

Marie Rayner said...

Oh wow! What a bonanza!!! You are a lucky girl!

JustCindy said...

Lots of goodies and the fabric looks yummy. Congrats on your win!

Anonymous said...

How cool! Congrats on your score! Looks like a ton of fun, fun things to play with.

FlipFlop Mom said...

GASP!!! LOOK at those flipflops!!!!

YAY on your whole package .. you lucky girl!!!!

Nanette Merrill said...

I've never seen anything like this treasure box of goodies before in a give away. Unbelievable.