Saturday, January 5, 2008

New year, new things

I am so excited about this year. Like everyone else I made some new year resolutions, or goals as I'd rather think of them, and one of them was to be a more faithful blogger. 5 days later here I am - oops already messed that one up! Luckily I have a whole year to make good on that goal.

So I thought I'd start my posts for the year with some goodies I have recently acquired for my quilt room...

The first thing are two tins I bought at a garage sale about 4 houses down from us. The children had put their mother into an old folks home and were selling most of her belongings. I picked up these cute tins for 50 cents each! At first I wanted them because I just love tins - probably because my Mum always stored things in tins when I was growing up - and I thought they would come in handy for quilt 'stuff'. But then I opened the small one and was met with a wonderous sight - buttons buttons and more buttons! I think 50 cents was a great deal :)

Next is a big box I bought at Homegoods on clearance for seven dollars. I have a MAJOR thing for polka dots and well, my quilt room is yellow, and the price was right, so how is a girl meant to resist? It is much bigger than it seems in the picture - about 2 feet long and a good 10 inches high.

And thirdly, we had a huge snow storm over the new year and everybody stayed home - except for me. I had my hubby home and chance to go to the store by myself without kids. Quite a big deal :) So I braved the storm and went to the Christmas Tree Shop which is just around the corner from us (my very fav discount store!) and I was literally the ONLY person shopping. Kind of eerie but in the most fantastic way! I had the entire run of the store - and remember, no kids! So I took my time, looked at every single thing I wanted to, and came home with lots of Christmas ornaments on clearance and this beauty....She is sitting on my sewing table, and her big brother, a floor lamp black version is in my living room. I can't tell you the difference these full spectrum lights make, especially for my handwork. Just wonderful!

Here's hoping there are plenty more bargains to come my way this year!


Marie Rayner said...

I have a thing about tin cans too! I think it goes back to my love affair with my mother's button tin. I just love storing things in tins and the pretty ones are always my favourites. I also LOVE Polkdots! Mayhap it is a creative woman thing? Dunno! I Just know I love them to bits! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed sabbath!

Anonymous said...

love homegoods,just keep me outta that place! your box is so lovely, so you, and I, too, am in love with tins, got a german one over the holidays,the girls and I have been making fairydolls out of flower petals, and the makings of them are all in that oversized tin.
Good resolution, pinch me so I'll do it, too!

JustCindy said...

Great shopping! I absolutly love the polka dot box. I would have been giddy over the buttons, lucky you.