Friday, March 14, 2008

Boys Room is Done

I finally have this room done. It's taken me since June last year but at last it is painted and has real curtains! The previous owners had left their window coverings and in this room they were lacy venetian blinds. I know, hard to imagine, but just think of venetian blinds but instead of slats it was a firm lace. Just perfect for rough and tumble boys. And totally see-through at night! Which actually wasn't too much of a problem since this is one of those houses that doesn't have any lighting in the bedrooms. I am presuming this is an American thing because I had never seen that growing up in NZ, and every place I have lived in here has been the same! We need to use lamps in each bedroom. The boys don't have one - it helps tremendously not to have a light when it's bedtime!

I hung up their framed initials above their beds and made curtains out of what else but dinosaur fabric - picked out by my hubby at Joann's last year (on a rare occasion that I was able to convince him to go there) for only $1/yard. It was a bargain that we couldn't resist. Curtain weight for $1 and dinosaurs to boot!
I am disappointed that the real color of the walls isn't photographing. The photos I take show it to be turquoise when in real life it is very very green - far more green than blue. Anyone have any tips on photography so I can capture the 'real' color?! I have tried it with and without the flash with the same results. I know there are probably some fancy settings to play with. I pretty much just point and shoot!

On their beds are quilts made by their Grandma in UT - yes they are Christmas quilts and yes I know it is March. They just love them so much! I think I should think about making some non-Christmas quilts for them. Maybe with some dinosaur appliques. Could be interesting! I can feel ideas forming in my mind as I type... once again, any ideas are welcome!


Unknown said...

First, let me tell you I enjoyed your article and I'm going to make some initials for the babies room at my house! Love the boy's room. Perfect curtains for little boys! I'd keep the quilts on their beds even if they are Christmas. If they love them, leave them! I've never heard of no lights in the bedrooms! At least, an overhead light. That's odd! LOL!

Nanette Merrill said...

The quilts are just darling.

Marie Rayner said...

Great looking room! Well done! I love your appliqued Initials. Everyone should have one!

JustCindy said...

The boys room looks great!