Friday, October 9, 2009

What I've been up to...

I have been a little busy this last month with redecorating the house a bit. I just typed out a few long paragraphs about the process, but then realized a picture is worth a thousand words, and deleted it all. So here's what I've been up to!

Kitchen before
Kitchen during
Kitchen after ( I still have to put my nic nacs up on the walls...)
Hallway during
Hallway after

Bathroom before (well, halfway through!)
Bathroom after
Living room before
Living room after (still have to get quilts up on those walls!)

Phew I'm tired just looking at it!
I listened to 6 books on CD during all of this if that gives you any indication of the time it took!
I can now paint a straight line without using painters tape, cut miters on baseboards, use an undercut saw on doorjambs, install new windowsills, and am pretty good at cutting odd shapes with a utility knife :) And if you're wondering why my hubby wasn't the one doing all of the work, well he is as inclined to do home improvement projects as I am to do math (which he loves!) He just pays for it all ;) Oh and an incident with a table saw as a teenager involving a couple of fingers being lopped off doesn't make him too excited about being near any kind of home improvement tools!

Next up is our bedroom, painting kitchen cabinets and the 'gorgeous' 70's faux brick, and more work in the bathroom (new caulk and paint).

And of course, finishing up the quilt you all kindly voted on! Now you see why I changed that border choice to green, right?!


em's scrapbag said...

Looks great. I wish you were closer I really want to learn to miter baseboards. My hubby is as inclind to do home improvements as yours. Fortunately I have 3 teenage sons that are a ton help. So how hard were baseboards? I've bought them. I just need to do them.

Janet said...

Fabulous job on the painting. I love the creamy avocado colour. A job very well done I say.

Karen said...

I do like the "kitchen afterwards".
Are those real drawers on the cabinet that the television sets on?

Sherri said... have been busy! Love the new paint can't wait to see the quilts up!

Unknown said...

Wow! Great job! I love the color you chose. We've been 'renovating' too. Paint and floors downstairs. As soon as we get it back together, we'll do the upstairs. I can't wait until it is finished!

Carin said...

beautiful! I love the new color.

Teresa said...

The redo looks great - love the color choice.

Mark said...

Oh WOW it looks fantastic!!! We got so far as to pick which colour green we wanted for our walls, then got side tracked with everything else (life!)So yay for an awesome finish!

Lisa said...

Wow Joanna Wow! Looks great!

Browndirtcottage said...

OH WOW....much better!!! Your
living room is sooo much lighter
an brighter! I used a shade of that green too and every other color goes with it!!

Nanette Merrill said...

Well I must say I love the color. I really really love it. It pulls your home together. Super job and I know it was a huge one.

jacquie said...

dang...that's a lot of work! don't you just love a power tool!