Sunday, July 17, 2011


The best thing I saw in blogland this week was a tutorial on how to piece batting together. It happened to be on a real life friend's blog, but it's so fantastic I would be posting about it even if she were a total stranger!

I won't tell you how it's done - just go and look at it on her blog, HERE, but I'll tell you that I've been quilting for 18 years now and it never entered my mind to piece batting together the way she shows. It is so easy and SO obvious! Just goes to show that you definitely can teach an old dog new tricks. I will never hand stitch batting together again. What a waste of time!

While you're there you can check out the finished quilt she quilted on my machine a few weeks ago. It looks beautiful, and the quilting is quite fabulous!


Janet said...

I'm going to dash over for some wisdom on batting in a minute. I just have to gush over your quilt first, I love it and the texture of the quilting is wonderful.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Well would you look at that! Now there are two old dogs that have learned a new trick!!

That is sheer genius! Why didn't I think of that! :o)

SandyQuilts said...

It really isn't necessary to buy that stuff. Just butt together and zigzag and in

I'd rather spend my money on fabric.

Dresden Lane said...

Thanks for featuring the tutorial Joanna.

In response to SandyQuilts- that zig-zag technique does not work for me -I just can't get it to work very well. Oh and hand sewing didn't come out very smooth for me (plus it recently took me 2 hours to sew a big long piece onto another).

sugarcreekstuff said...

I'm new to your blog (just this morning). I'd like to read more about your machine. Do you have a post about it?