Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Yesterday I spent 9 hours straight in front of the computer. I had made all the videos for the STITCHED project I'm involved in (go HERE to sign up!) and I was still to figure out how to edit them. I've never done any kind of video editing whatsoever so it was daunting to say the least. I had put it off for so long!

However, thanks to a couple of tutorials (gotta love Youtube!) I have now mastered Windows Movie Maker! It's actually super duper easy once you know how and I think I could edit videos in my sleep now!

After I had edited and uploaded 6 videos (oh gosh, making them is a whole other story!) I realized I needed one more, as I still had to put the binding on my project. So that's where things stand. The binding is only half done, but it's a mini quilt so I'm looking at another half hour max. But do you think I can even find that half hour?!! I've been so busy the last two weeks with the STITCHED project and work that my house had turned into a disaster zone and today I just needed to take the whole afternoon and evening to clean! It's now pretty much done and I can relax and finish up the binding. Phew! Christmas is going to seem easy after the last 2 weeks!

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Sequana said...

Every one of your workshop students appreciates your hard work. We're out here looking forward to beginning OUR work now.

Happy Holidays!