Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas The Night Before Christmas...

The kids are in bed, the presents are out, the letter from Santa has been written, and my work here is almost done! This was the first year we let our oldest who is 11 help us when the boys went to bed. She wrote the letter from Santa on the computer (because the 8 year old is trying to figure out if Santa is real or not and said he's going to compare handwriting from last year to this year! Smart kid haha!) and put carrots on the driveway.

Their letters to Santa are hilarious. First, Sofia's -
what a suck up! She's a sweetie though :)

And my 8 year old Coleman's...

He's trying really hard this year to figure out if Santa is real or not. He's not getting a remote control helicopter - it's a remote control airplane, so he will still have the not quite knowing dilemma!

All of them...
They're so excited!

I've been sitting here reflecting on Christmas and why we have it, and watched a beautiful video I'd love to share. It's 9 minutes long and shows the timeline from Mary being told she would have the baby Jesus, to him being born and visited by shepherds and later the Wise Men. It makes you feel like you are there! Well worth the 9 minutes of reflection at this crazy busy time.

You can watch it HERE.

I hope you all have (or have already had!) a wonderful Christmas.

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