Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zig Zags

Some of you may recall that I am making a new quilt for our bed, a zig zag quilt. I even did a tutorial on how to make the blocks, which you can see back here.

I counted the number of Zig Zag blocks I have tonight and the number stands at 29 including the 3 more I made just now. I figure that I need 64 to make a decent size quilt for our bed so I have a way to go.

Last year I was in two swap groups online. Each group had 12 people and each person was assigned a month. In your month you would send out fabric to the other 11 people and they would make you your 2 blocks of choice. I did the zig zag blocks with both of my groups, which would mean that 24 people would net me 48 blocks (yes that's including 4 I made of my own which you see in the tutorial).

But I only have 29 and that includes about 6 extras I have made on top of my original 4. I think, or rather I hope that I still have some coming from one of my groups! I hate to think of having to make another 35 blocks!! What was I thinking starting this quilt?! It will be fabulous when finished, but the finish date is looking further and further away. I guess I will plod along making blocks when the mood strikes. I hope it strikes in a big way soon!


wishes, true and kind said...

But look how gorgeous! I love the vibrant colors! Don't give up :)

Oops-Lah said...

I adore these blocks! What a shame that people in your swap didn't make the blocks they are supposed to and send them back. After all, you've probably made them all a block when it was their turn. Shame on them ;(.

SO I'M Anna Fogg, an eclectic kinda gal said...

Keep on plodding, it will be worth every zig & zag! So gorgeous, the black make the brights POP like sweets and candy. I am knitting a blanket I'm calling my 2 yr blanket because it's out of sock yarn, thin, thin stuff...I'm making each panel approx 14" by 70"...each panel will be out of a different variegation & when they are sewn together, aahhh, merino goodness, all soft & yummy, wrapped around me! Did you need a comment this long? Because you have made quilts that take lots of time. I guess I just wanted to gab on your blog! :)