Monday, April 25, 2011

The Letter S

Today I finally finished the applique on my Spring Flowers quilt.

The most fun part was the letter S I put on the vase. When you applique, you usually applique the pieces from the back to the front. It just works out best that way! But this circle and letter S were done the opposite - front to back. I appliqued the S to the circle, and then the circle to the vase. Normally I would applique the circle to the vase first, but doing it this way helped to have the letter S centered much better.

It worked out beautifully doing it that way, and doing it opposite to how I usually would, made it interesting and fun!

Now I get to quilt it and finish it all up. And what do you think the letter S stands for? Spring of course!


Elzaan said...

Great work! Sometimes it is better/easier to do things in a different way.

Linda M said...

I am a newcomer to all this quilting and needlework, can I ask how you display this in a quilt?

Unknown said...

So gorgeous! I LOVE I challenge you to do one for winter, summer and fall...keep the same vase, change the contents. ~a