Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pink and Blue

Breaking news! My girl, Sofia has started her own blog! It is called "My Pink and Blue Life", named for her two favorite colors. She loves watching me do my blog and I thought it would be a great (and sneaky!) way for her to practice some extra writing skills.

She has done a post about a surprise box that showed up two days ago - her Grandma made her a beautiful quilt for her birthday. Sofia's birthday was in November but Grandma is half blind so it takes a little longer than it used to! We don't mind though - the anticipation is half the fun, right?!

So if you have a spare minute pop on over and leave a comment - I am making sure she responds to them. Once again, writing skills!

1 comment:

Elzaan said...

You must be sooooo proud! And I do suppose a little "funny" feeling knowing your girl is growing up!