Saturday, June 18, 2011

Organizing Scraps

My scrap bin has been overflowing and is a MESS! Something had to give - I either needed to sort my scraps out tonight or go insane!
I decided to sort them by color and use some containers that were already holding fabric.
These containers hold fabric that I hardly ever use - the fabric I bought before the whole modern quilt fabric movement came along. They're in another entire room in the basement if that tells you how often I use it! They are still great pieces but sadly they don't interest me as much as they once did. I emptied out some of them - my blues, greens, purples, yellows, black and whites, and batiks. Those are now sitting on a shelf and I suppose I'll have to sort through them and decide what I will still use.
I took the now empty containers and put them on my sewing desk...
...sat down with the big bucket of scraps and started sorting.

2 hours and 4 episodes of Parking Wars later, this is what I had...
I am so excited! It will be so much easier to find what I need now. They are sorted into reds, pinks, orange/yellows, grey/white/blacks, greens, blues, purples and browns.

Some people can't decide what should be a scrap and what should be folded up neatly. My rule of thumb is that anything I wouldn't cut with a rotary cutter and ruler is a scrap. Easy! Do any of you have a great system for your scraps?


Tawny said...

What a terrific way to organize! I have yet to do anything about my overflowing bag of scraps.

I guess that we use whatever our interest is to determine scraps. I always say that anything small enough to be woven into my rag rugs is a scrap. Anything bigger gets folded and put on the shelf. :D

Shannon Gillman Orr said...

Holy cow Jo! No wonder why you nearly butsted a seam when you saw how few scraps I have and how I organized the bits. I love it.

Deb said...

What a great organziing job! I have a large purple tub with many scraps. I haven't decided if I should organize it by color or just grab one out of the tub for a strip quilt.

Deb from