Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy Busy

I have literally not had a second to blog today and I have 5 minutes to do it right now!

This morning I had to do birthday party shopping for my daughter's party tomorrow. Then I had to cook dinner NZ style for some guests (this one is from NZ too! Yippee!)

Then it was straight to my first ever Pack meeting for my son's Cub Scout troop (SO much fun!)

And now myself along with 7 friends are off to the Breaking Dawn premiere! Can you say busy?!


Amy said...

You have had a busy day. If you have time, let us know what you think of the movie.

PixieRoseDresses said...

i like the first picture ;)

Aliceart said...

Whoo! I'm tired just hearing about it and - awww, you thought about us anyway. I feel special!

Peter said...

Noticed the badge on the New Zealand visitor, my sons in Oshawa, Ontario. I've never seen your blog before, but would like to follow it.