Sunday, November 13, 2011

Library Bag

So when the hubby got home last night I told him about the internet not working and after fiddling around with things a bit he found the problem. What is the first question you should ask yourself when things aren't working? That's right - is it plugged in? it wasn't!! Oh boy was that a blonde moment for me or what?!

At least it's all working now and I get to show you the bag I was going to show you last night.

Sofia got a last minute invitation to a birthday party yesterday. This is when being able to sew comes in very handy! She chose the fabrics and I sewed up a library book bag for the birthday girl.

We topped it off with a flower safety pinned to the bag so she can remove it and pin it to anything she wants.

When I make these bags I add Craft Fuse to the lining and handles - it makes it nice and firm and sturdy. I think I need to make my boys library bags, especially since we go every week. Luckily Christmas is coming up! I feel a tutorial coming on - anyone interested?!!


AnnA said...


sandra said...

Yes I have to grandson's that both go to library so I would love to make a bag for both of then.

Quilt Station said...

That's gorgeous Joanna. Love the addition of the rose. Yes very handy to be able to sew up something beautiful and original,cheers

Cher said...

I would love a tutorial on it. I love all the bags I am seeing but haven't tried making one yet. This one is beautiful.

Heather said...

Love the bag. What a great gift idea.