Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My girl Sofia came home from school today all excited because her teacher had asked her to bring in a quilt her Grandma made for her with tessellating cats on it.

They are studying tessellations in class and Sofia remembered I had told her the cats were tessellating, she told her teacher, and the teacher asked her to bring in the quilt. She has a VERY cool teacher! I also remembered a small tessellating quilt I made a few years ago which you can see I blogged about HERE, that I'll send with her too.

I don't have a lot of fall themed quilts in my home - I absolutely love the fall, but don't really work a lot with the deeper fall colors in quilts. I remember throwing a bunch of Kaffes in there to make it a little more exciting for me.

This mini quilt is usually on my bedside drawers covered in books, sewing supplies, the lamp...you name it, but I took it off the other day to give it a wash.
Now that the years of dust have been washed off it, I can actually see how bright and vibrant it really is. I had forgotten!

I just found a blurb I wrote about making it way back in October 2008 on Nancy's blog, With Thread In Hand. I wrote...

"It's a little wallhanging, 20" x 22" and I'm calling it Acorn's Fall as I have seen so many acorns so far this fall that I believe this Fall belongs to the Acorns!
I designed the quilt myself and did wool appliques on the borders. It was a little tricky to piece, as the shapes were curved, but it sure was fun! I wanted to design a pieced yet curved shape reminiscent of an acorn. Even the border fabric looks a bit like acorns! I quilted simple curves on each piece to look a little like an acorn 'cap'."

Gosh I'm so glad I wrote that - I never would have remembered the inspiration! Not to self: Start a quilting journal and write down the inspiration for each quilt I make!

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em's scrapbag said...

How fun for your daughter. What a great teacher.