Thursday, October 25, 2007

Applique Houses

I am feeling a little guilty for not doing many quilting related posts on my blog (which has such a quiting related name!) but I just haven't done any quilting this last week. So I am going to pull out some old photos of things I have previously done and share them with you when I only have time to do a quick post - like tonight since it is 12.30am and I am tired!

The photo I have tonight is a row of houses I made for a row by row swap way back in 2002. These are appliqued, but it was before I dared to do needleturn! I did these using the good old reliable method of gluing to freezer paper and using the machine blind stitch. Ahhh the good old days! But even now, in 2007, I still think they are cute, and it makes me want to make some for myself since I sent these away to a lady in New Zealand for the swap! If I remember rightly, the pattern is a Piece O' Cake design from their book "All Around the Neighborhood". I'll see what other photos I can dig up for tomorrow!


Diane Doran said...

So cute! It would be interesting to see what fabrics you might use now.

bearhugs62 said...

I love the Quilts you have shown us on this blog. I got in to quilting this year. I had dabbled a little when I was a little girl. My Grandmother tried to teach me back when I lived in Va. But as I said I was very Young, I only wish I had paid more attention. I have made 2 King Quilts this year and have just finished a lap Quilt for my grand baby. But would love to see more of your quilts and get pointers.