Monday, October 1, 2007

My new quilt room!

Firstly, thank you to those who left comments about the autumn leaves - you are all so kind and I am so grateful for your feedback. I am now inspired to do something more with those leaves!!

Secondly, I have exciting news - if you are a quilter you will indeed understand...I have a quilt room! Woo Hoo! We bought this house in June and I haven't really done much quilting. I always feel guilty that there are other things needing to be done, and my quilting has taken a back burner. Naughty me - I know I should take time for myself!

Anyhow, I spent this weekend and today making myself a real honest-to-goodness quilt room. Our basement is about 90% finished. It has drywall and a ceiling but no flooring or floor moldings. But hey all I need are 4 walls and a roof, right?!! There is this room in the basement that I just knew was meant to be a quilt room. But it was ugly. Really really ugly. The old owners' son had lived in there and used it as a boxing/exercise room. Holes all over and just blech. But I had the vision and now I am IN LOVE with that room!

It is now yellow, a shade called 'melted butter' (it is actually a lot lighter than the pictures show - it's much softer) and has some little curtains and lamps and a desk for sewing on and a chair and all my fabrics, plus a few extras.

All the other rooms in the house have bold colors, which I love, but I still love girly things and just wanted something pretty and feminine! I still have a lot to do to the room, ie make a nice cover for the chair, get some quilts up on the walls, hang up some flannel for a design wall - you know the drill, PLUS get some nice flooring and molding. But at least it has a rug (came with the room when we bought the house, along with the wooden drawers in the pics) and I have the beginnings of a lovely space to work. My daughter Sofia is in heaven - I told her it's 'our' room for sewing and crafts. She gladly gave up a hanging book rack I had bought for her room for 'our' room! (Book rack was something like 8 bucks at the Sally Army store!)

So here is the before - taken when we were first looking at the house to buy (from the inside looking out)...

And then today with just the paint and a couple of clowns...

Then with the basic furniture...

And some pics after I went shopping for things like the lamps, clock, curtains...yet another clown is in the pics...

I will post more pics as I get it looking the way I want it. I'm just so excited tonight that I had to share!

Oh and thirdly, a big thanks and hug to my darling hubby who bought the paint and everything else!

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