Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Done done"...well almost...

Tonight I finished the fundraising quilt I made for my daughter's school fair this Saturday. I took some photos of it and was just uploading them and noticed something. It's not quite as "done done" as I thought it was - if you look closely you will see that I forgot to take out the basting stitches! It's always my favorite part and very satisfying, so I'm not quite sure how I forgot to do it! Oh well you can still get a good look at it - just ignore the basting lol!

Also today for your viewing pleasure is an apricot jam sandwich I made for one of my sons this morning. I spread the jam and what did I see but a smiling face looking back at me!

I swear this is how it was and I didn't retouch the sandwich in any way! I feel like one of those people who finds the virgin Mary in a tortilla! Maybe I should be selling it on Ebay and making my fortune. Oh wait, my son ate it. There goes that plan! Anyway, to me it looks more like a smiling clown than any religious symbol!


flippytale Quilter (Christine) said...

I love the cheerful triangles!!!

LizzyHouse said...

I love love love your pumpkins! Thanks for all your kind words!