Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quilting Mecca

Today was a pretty slow quilting day for me (that means I did none - zero - zilch!) so I thought I'd show you a couple of photos of the Mecca of the quilting world - Keepsake Quilting!

When we decided to move here over a year ago, it didn't even register that I'd be living in the home state of this shop until my fabulous Mother In Law (yes some of us DO get on with them!) told me. Of course it was on my to-do list, and I've managed to get there twice now. It's about 1 1/2 hours drive from here so it's been strictly for special occassions only :) But it is every bit as fabulous as you would imagine and huge! Pretty much everything you see in the photo on the right hand side is part of the store. I love their Batik selection - a whole room of just batiks. Gorgeous! The only thing I don't like are that there isn't much on sale, and you know us quilters love a good sale, but it's a definite must-do for any quilter in the area, if only to say that you've been there!

And one of the best unexpected things - the beautiful bathroom! Check out the wallpaper...(yes I stood in the bathroom and took a photo of the wallpaper lol!)

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FlipFlop Mom said...

You know.. I don't think I have EVER gone there.. LOL LOL.. my Mother in Love is an avid quilter.. and I'm not even sure she has gone.. where exactly is it????

The wallpaper is BEAUTIFUL... that's a GREAT photo!!!!