Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

It is 9.40pm Christmas Eve and I finally got the kids into bed. To say they are excited is an understatement! They completely believe in Santa and there have been a couple of phonecalls to Santa this weekend about their behaviour. Nothing like the threat of being put on the naughty list to make children try their best to behave!

Tonight we made cookies for Santa and wrote letters for him. We have written letters with the kids every year and basically they talk and I dictate. I write exactly what they say, no editing, no nothing! We save them and they are just hilarious. Tonight I took photos of their letters and Santa's cookies and juice (they decided he'd have had too much milk and would like a change!) to share.

Here we are making the cookies (peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses - yummy!)Please note the two huge ones on the left - they are Santas.

And here the kids are with their letters and cookies and juice.

It was my daughter's first year of writing her own letter with no help from me at all. She did this while I was helping the boys. In case you can't read her writing, it says, "Dear Santa, I want a locket for Christmas! P.S. You are nice. Ho ho ho ho. Nothing extraordinary about what she wrote, but the way she wrote it is hilarious - I guess that's how words sound when you have just turned 7!

Now is my middle sons - he is 4 and working on writing his name so I still do all the rest!

And my youngest boy who just turned 3 - he hardly talks at all so this was a lot for him...

And these are the fronts of the letters - almost as funny as the insides!

And I just had to take a photo of my youngest sneaking a sip of Santa's juice! The others were laughing over what they had written.

And lastly, the picture right at the top of this entry is of some treats I made for my friends at church - and the UPS man who delivered 8 packages to us today - yes it was a GREAT mail day!! He certainly deserved a treat after hauling them up to my door! If you look at Marie's blog you can see the Butterscotch Mallow Bars recipe I made - it was so easy and so yummy too!

Here's hoping you all get spoilt rotten for Christmas!


Marie Rayner said...

I love, love, LOVE the happy smiles on your kiddies' faces! How wonderful! Hope that you had a lovely day yesterday and more of the same in the coming weeks. Am going to try your quilted tree decorations for next year! Happy New Year! Do you have a special celebration with the children? I never enjoyed going out to howl on New years Eve. Just always spent a lovely evening at home with my brood and we had our own little party going on! It was way better than anything else could have been!

JustCindy said...

I loved this entry. Your kids's little faces are just priceless. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...

JOANNA, LOVED HAVING CHRISTMAS WITH YOU ALL! I have a very belated gift for you! I had gotten your snail mail addy from Roland and then got sick as a dog!
Couldn't hardly talk even, mucuous, the works....Then surprise company came from Tennessee, all 6 of them and they left this am, so, needless to say, you'll be getting an after New Year's gift!
Love ya' Kiwi Girl,

Anonymous said...

Such sweetness, they meake you melt don't they!
It's great when they all get on so well, (I'm sure not all the time though ha).