Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pay It Forward Gift

Has anyone joined in a Pay It Forward exchange on a blog? I did, back here, and I just received my gift from Karen at Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine. Boy oh boy was it ever exciting!

She had originally sent me a questionnaire, and one of the questions asked if I had any collections. Well other than fabric and kids, I don't really! But I have wanted to start a collection of pears for a while, so I wrote that down. What did I get in the mail from Karen, but pear goodies :)

Karen painted me a picture - can you believe it? She didn't go out and buy it, she did it herself!
And she knitted me these adorable pears. I didn't even know that was possible!
They are nicely weighted at the bottom - she said there are pennies in there, so if I ever run out of cash (in this economy, entirely possible!) to just raid the pears.

So this got me motivated to carry out my side of the deal, and I have emailed the ladies who signed up for it to let them know that I have my thinking cap on, and will work on their goodies. I didn't make my personal deadline of Christmas...but I'm rearing to go now!

So thank you Karen. I am super excited to have the best possible start to my pear collection:)


Marie Rayner said...

what a wonderful and thoughtful gift! I love your fabrics in the post below too by the way! You have excellent taste!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love the fruities..so special ..Jennifer