Monday, April 7, 2008

Punchneedle and goodies

Even though quilting, specifically applique, is my first love, I also dabble in other crafts as most of us do! Today I was looking through my unpacked boxes from when we moved here last year (please tell me I'm not the only one with unpacked boxes!) and found a Punchneedle piece I did a while back. It was my first ever one, and I drew up the pattern and just went for it. It now has a home on my library card catalog in the living room.
And since I seem to be blogging a lot lately about food and goodies, why break the tradition???! This week is my birthday (I'll never tell how old....OK I'll be 35 :) ) and in my mailbox today was a present from my Mum in New Zealand. Of course there was no way I could wait until Wednesday to open it, especially when she usually sends some edible treat from home, so I ripped it open and WOO HOO! Not only were there NZ chocolate bars, but fabric too! VERY well done Mum!! I love it all!! Now look at the price on the packets of fabric and feel very grateful for the prices we pay here in the US. When I was visiting NZ in 2004, fabric in quilt shops was between $25-30 per yard. $15 was the cheap clearance stuff. Now the $9 we pay here doesn't seem so bad, does it?!


Gayle said...

Hi Joanna - I just discovered your lovely blog and had to leave a comment! I'm a quilter too, plus I do punchneedle and rug hooking. I read that you recently lived here in Utah, so I'm curious to know WHERE? I'm about 15 miles north of SLC. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

Lisa said...

I am an April baby too but I have about a decade+ on you!
How did you finish your needlepunch? I have finished one for my girls' room but don't know how to display it! I want to draw up a fish design for my son.

Unknown said...

The punchneedle is so cute! That card catalog is wonderful! Happy Birthday!

Marie Rayner said...

Joanna, loved the punch needle creation. I used to do that years ago. I had forgotten all about it! Happy Birthday to you! What a lovely present to receive from your mum! My mom always sends money, which I am thankful for, but there's something truly special about an actual gift that you can unwrap! Hope your Birthday is the best ever!

Purple and Paisley said...

oh, i've never done punch needle work and have always wanted to try!
am wanting to do locker hooking...have you heard of it? small post today about it on my blog...just bought a book about it last night...your birthday is the same as my mom's...=)...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Nanette Merrill said...

Joanna, such fun things. And a care package - love it.

You make me laugh!! I LOVED the links. Some of them are tempting me so much. What great finds. Things I've never seen! Thank you so much. What a lot of work you did. Really thank you. I'm going to mull over those choices.