Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In the Pink

Last night the pink and green log cabin I showed you was about 10 inches and tonight it's increased to 20, with some improv moments thrown in at the end. Tomorrow I'll quilt it up and have another cushion. I am having fun with these cushions - sometimes you just need a quick mindless project and they are fitting the bill perfectly! I especially like this little improv piecing moment...
My daughter has also been doing some stitching of her own, but with yarn. She got a Joann's gift card for Christmas and finally spent the last of it this week on a hat loom. Her Grandma taught her how to use one when we visited her in Utah this last Summer, and Sofia has wanted her own set ever since. Armed with a 50% off coupon she was unstoppable! This was her first attempt, and I didn't help her with it, and it didn't exactly turn out how she hoped.
But she's trying again, so far by herself, but this time I'll help her finish it off.
She's making great progress. Thanks Grandma!


Wanda said...

Joanna, I love the log cabin cushion. Hot Pink and Red are 2 of my favorite colors.

Tell your daughter that practice makes perfect and I like her first attempt. Looks similar to a hat (wasn't that the goal?).


SO I'M Anna Fogg, an eclectic kinda gal said...

Sofia's 1st efforts are wonderful! And the colors are exactly what a little girl would pick. And the cushion thingee...hee's bright and beautiful. ~a