Thursday, March 17, 2011

Circle Flowers

I finished up the applique on the circle flowers I started a couple of nights ago. I was planning on turning it into a mini quilt, maybe with some pieced border application, but now I'm thinking if I did a bunch more it might be a nice bigger wall quilt. I think I'll do at least 3 more and see how they look together, with some extra leaves joining each block. I hope you all had a great St Paddy's day! Ours was fun - out to lunch with my hubby, then after school we spent 3 hours with the kids playing a new game my hubby bought. No corned beef and cabbage was involved, though we do like it.

1 comment:

desiree said...

Beautiful Aunty Jo, I'm desperate to have one of your pieces in our new house! (That we're hopefully moving into before baby comes)