Thursday, March 24, 2011

Michelle's Tree Mini Quilt

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how a reader, Michelle, had made a tree block from my tree tutorial.
Well look what she has done with that block - isn't it fabulous?!! In fact, I am a tad jealous and wish it was going on my wall of quilts!I am definitely a fan of all the Kaffe fabrics she used :)

Thanks for sending me the photo Michelle - it made my day! If anyone else makes something from one of my tutorials, you can also make my day by sending me a pic! I'll put it up on my blog, which trust me, is wonderful for me, because this whole blogging every day thing is HARD! I need new things to blog about. Yes I am pretty much begging for someone to make something and send me a pic!

*Basting update - the quilt is all basted and it only took me one hour, and was quite painless. Why did I put it off so long?!

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Amy said...

very nice tree. I like wordless Wednesday's... just a picture.sometimes I want to post a picture, but not have to write a book about the details.