Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seen-It Sunday

I just have one thing to show you tonight for Seen-It-Sunday. It is the cutest thing I saw all week. I immediately pinned it on my wall in Pinterest (If you don't know about Pinterest yet, GO! NOW! and it was repined by a ton of people so I figure if they all liked it, so will you!

Check it out...
See? I told you it was cute! I have several pairs of my boys' jeans that have rips at the knees. This would be the perfect way to patch them!

You can go and see the steps at THIS blog. It's not in English, (I think it's Dutch?! Anyone?!!) but the pictures are pretty self explanatory. While there, have a look around her blog - she has some lovely things. Beautiful pictures are a universal language!


Elzaan said...

He he he...cute!

Anja said...

That´s really cute!
Yes, it´s dutch! Did you see, that this page can be translated into english or any other language (scroll down, right sidebar - google translator). I´ve just checked it, there may be some mistakes, but the meaning is quite obvious.