Monday, April 1, 2013


I'll admit it - sometime in the last year I lost my blogging mojo. As a result, I'm taking the A-Z blogging challenge which you can see HERE and will be blogging all April long! Today is the letter A, tomorrow B and so on (minus Sundays!)

Of course, how could I not take advantage of the letter A and do the word Applique, my favorite method of quilting!

Instead of doing a long wordy post of the joys of Applique I just went around the house and snapped a few closeups of some applique I've done over the years.

See you tomorrow with the letter B! Why do I feel like I'm a Sesame Street character when  I say that?


D.J. Kirkby said...

Joanna, your appliqué is astonishingly good! What a skill, I would love to be able to make loads of appliqué squares and then turn them into a crazy quilt.

Sharon said...

WHat a fun show from you today. I had to take pics of my quilts for something and it was fun to revisit some of them. Hmm, what will B reveal?

Barb said...

beautiful applique! what a fun project looking forward to seeing it.

Jean C. said...

Enjoyed the Sesame st. lesson today; although I must admit... I started with C. Can't wait to see what you are going to do for Z. LoL... I am also a container person.... love, love, love me some containers.. Must be the organizer in me! Not that I'm all that organized but it's something I do! Thanks for sharing.